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We provide consultancy services to public and private sectors such as  planning, design, reviews, analysis, recommendations, change management, quality assurance, and supervision. Our areas of focus include the  lifecycle of business  transformation (Planning - Business Process Management - Engineering & Automation - Digital Transformation - Innovation - Security).


We Help You Draw Your Future.

We helps you envision a brighter future with modern tools and technologies. We work with you to design a new vision, mission, values, goals, and initiatives that will take you to a new leap in a competitive market. We also help you in designing your organizational structure and business processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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Harnessing the value in your data

Our expert consultants can help you building your data management roadmap and platforms, in order to extract and maximize the value of your data. Services include data strategies, data office establishment, data governance frameworks, and data policies and procedures. Our services also include design of the data management systems, data warehouses, and BI systems. We can also help you in your dashboards and KPI's based on the strategic plans and directions of your organization. We can also help you with your Artificial Intellegence, Big Data, Data Mining, Visualization, and Machine learning initiatives.

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Transform to Modern Business

Using technology, we can transform your business into agile, modern, and highly effective business. We work to transform your services into e-services using modern tools such as Cloud, Business Analytics, Social Business, and Mobile Business.

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Keeping the business running

With our experts in cyber security, business continuity and disaster recovery, we can help keeping your business runing in the case of cyber attacks or downtimes. More focus is given to the industrial systems such as SCADA, DCS, and Smart Grids. Cyber security can protect the assets and keep the services running. Our views are completely independent and not biased towards any technology or vendors.

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Taking your rorganization to the top

Our team can help your organization adopt innovation cultures and motivate creativity and proactivity within your  business environment. Wether you are a government or private organization, a school or a hospital, we can design innovation programs that transform your organization into vibrant, active, and world class orgnization. Change management programs are designed to make sure change and adaptation is made smoothly in your organization.

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Professional Translation

Looking for technical and professional translation? We can help you with that. We provide English to Arabic and Arabic to English Translation, whether you want quality check, localization, or translation from green field.

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